Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Spotlight on GeekGear


GeekGear is a relatively new etsy seller who fashions cool stuff out of old computer parts. It's a simple enough premise but done with inventiveness and style. Not to mention the environmentally friendly bonus of keeping "junk" out of the landfills!

The images below show two of GeekGear's items. The top photo is a pen/pencil holder made from old Windows 3.1 install disks (hence their unusual and awesome white color). Just look how smashing colored sharpies look in there! And the efficient and square usage of space. It's the perfect size to squish into a corner and the square shape ensures that errant pens and pencils can't drop behind your holder.

The photo on the bottom shows a clock made from an old Western Digital hard-drive. If you wanted to get creative I'd bet you could take a sharpie and add in your own numbers or times to the clock. Or simply leave it as-is in it's elegant, geeky, beauty.

The other item's in the shop share the same classy style. GeekGear understands the beauty inherent in these revitalized parts and doesn't try to mask or overly embellish them. The items are functional and to-the-point in a very modern aesthetic. My artistic side revels in the clean design; my inner geek, well, geeks out about seeing computer parts made external instead of internal.

If you need a gift for a geeky friend, a computer whiz, or the techie who fixes your computer I would make GeekGear the first stop on your list as these are sure both to delight and actually be used.

Floppy Disk Pen & Pencil Holder by GeekGear
Hard Drive Desk Clock by GeekGear

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