Thursday, November 07, 2013

SJ Tucker--Pirate, Pixie, Awesome

SJ Tucker

Sometime last year a friend turned me onto The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. Which is pretty much amazing compressed and condensed and packaged into a novel. Think Phantom Tollbooth meets Wizard of Oz meets fairytales. It's lyrical, thoughtful, gentle, and insightful. Full of the pain of growing up and the wisdom of being grown up.

So naturally I read the sequel. And when Book 3 came out last month, I jumped on it.

But with the announcement of Book 3's release came something even more bewitching. An artist named SJ Tucker was releasing an entire album inspired by Fairyland.

Wonders was so splendidly captivating that I began exploring the rest of her catalogue and quickly found a new favorite album. Witchy Ways, a mixtape put together by the artist herself. And oh how wonderful it is. From the history rich Tam Lim, to the boisterously silly Salad of Doom. The driving Hymn to Herne to the haunting City of Marrow. The catchy Firebird's Child and calming Come to the Labyrinth. Love. This. Album.

I believe the album comes down tonight, it was a month long release with portions of all funds raised being donated to Wolf Haven. I've already got my copy, if you'd like to give it a listen I suggest you hurry!

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