Saturday, July 27, 2013

Josh's Quilt

Josh's Quilt

A couple of weeks ago, my mom called with some news. And an idea. One of her close friends' son in law has apparently been in the hospital for almost two months. As a complication of childhood cancer, he'd needed a heart valve replacement. He had that surgery and apparently almost everything that could go wrong has and he's had multiple open heart surgeries, pneumonia, fluid in his lungs, etc, etc.

His wife has been trying to keep things together for their small children and my heart aches for her. I can't even imagine what she is going through. Josh's doctors had asked for people to send cards, as keeping his spirits up is an important part of the recovery process.

Which lead my mom to her idea: she knew my guild was making charity quilts, would we be interested in making one for Josh? I ran the idea by my guild and was awed by the positive response. In less than two weeks we had gone from my inital post on the facebook group to the finished quilt being delivered to my mom's friend, for delivery to Josh.

Josh's Quilt

He's an IT guy, and my guild came through with nerdy focal fabrics. We have a keyboard print, space invaders, circuit boards, robots, gears, and blueprints.

Sewing for  Cause

The pattern is one made by one of our members previously, the Oriental Garden. (Word to the wise, there are some measurement errors in the borders). The back was pure improv, based on the fabric on hand.

Josh's Quilt

We held an impromptu sewing day and one guild member helped me cut, iron, and sew for over 8 hours. I finished up adding the borders, making the back, and prepping the binding and then handed if off to another guild mate who quilted and bound it.

Josh's Quilt

My mother was touched to see the quilt come together and I am proud to be part of a guild that heard a request for help and said "Yes, absolutely, what more can I do?"

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  1. What a wonderful gift! I'm sure that Josh and his family truly appreciate it!


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