Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Was On TV!

I Was on TV!

On Thursday our blogging group held a meet and greet. To help get the word out, I was interviewed by the local TV station, at their set up at the mall.

It was an odd experience because I was given no direction ("Just answer the questions, it'll be fine, I won't let you fail"). I had arrived early to allow time for getting lost, getting set up with a microphone, being given instructions, etc. I found it okay, so I ended up spending about a half hour sitting near the stage, mumbling to myself to practice what I wanted to say. I'm sure I looked rather odd.

The actual interview itself was only about 3 or 4 questions long. I plugged our misson (to support and connect local bloggers) and mentioned who we were trying to connect (bloggers to bloggers and bloggers to businesses).

Still, it was neat to have done, and a fellow blogger who saw the interview said it went well, so I'll take that. : )

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