Friday, May 24, 2013

Space Baby Quilt--Quilted!

Space Baby Quilt

Despite being a "Quilter", I find the part of the process that intimidates me the most is the...quilting. Especially on things that I just adore the piecing on. As my piecing gets better, the intimidation ratchets up. So, I had gotten stuck with this quilt. Loving it too much to "ruin" it. Unsure if my planned quilting would work. Fretting.

And I had excuses. I was sick. And then we were busy. And the baby was already born, so since I'd missed that deadline, what could a little longer hurt?

Thankfully, my friend who helped us paint, also provided a healthy does of inspiration and staying on task. We had planned a craft day and by the end of it? I had quilted the quilt! And it had turned out better than I had hoped and WAY better than I had feared. And the back looked great! And I had had no reason to fret at all. True friendship in action folks, believing in you even when you doubt.

The image up top shows the quilted and trimmed top. I know it's hard to see the quilting on, so here is a shot of my layout (marked with yarn borrowed from aforementioned friend).

Space Baby Quilt

It traces the orbital paths of the planets (stopping and starting for each planet...I have some thread burying to do...) I added a few more orbits after this photo was taken to keep the quilting less than 6" apart. In the sun, I continued the orbits that intersected it but made them wavy to follow the curves in the sun.

Here's the quilted and trimmed back.

Space Baby Quilt

My goal is to get the binding on this weekend and then have a mini photo shoot before shipping it off to the proud new parents. ^_^

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