Friday, March 08, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge--Day 8


Today's topic: Biggest pet peeve

Poor communication drives me nuts. For instance, when you attend a meeting and the management/leadership/officers/head bananas stand up and start talking about something that you have never heard of before in your life, but they act like everyone should know what they are rattling on about? Ugh. Double bonus annoyance if they preface it with something like "As you all know..." or "As you have probably heard by now..."

No, no I have not. Because apparently I am not part of the secret inner circle.

Really, is it that hard to just start from the beginning and not assume that the grapevine has (a) been accurate or (b) done your work for you?

Just for clarification, those are postcards, which is why they are communication related. : )

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