Wednesday, March 27, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge--Day 27

Day 4

Today's topic: List 3 online friends you've never met in real life but hope to soon.

This topic is tough for me. I've already met several of my online friends in person* and many of the ones I haven't, it's because they are so far away. And, being a member of Rocket City Bloggers many of my local fellow bloggers are ones that I either met in person shortly after becoming aware of them, or I actually met them in person first! (Or I just see them somewhere around town and blurt out "I read your blog!", like I did to Zoot. Who is awesome and took that very graciously.)

I am looking forward to meeting Sarah though, as I have a box of Samoas with her name on it. We had a near miss in Target once, where I spotted her but decided not to mortify the hubby with my "I read your blog!" method.

*That photo up there is me with Spacefemin 2009. She is an online friend I met I don't know, a year or so before that? She is awesome!

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