Tuesday, March 19, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge--Day 19

Walk on the Greenbelt

Today's Topic: List 5 Blogs You Read on Regular Basis and Why

1. Miss Zoot Open, intelligent, articulate, passionate, and a role model for finding your thing and going for it. She's also local and the only blogger I've (yet) fangirled over face to face.

2. Stitched in Color A modern quilter who is as much of a rainbow fanatic as I am. Her patience results in beautiful and inspiring results. I've taken a couple of her online courses and loved them.

3. Blue Milk A feminist, economist, writer and mother, Ande writes about them all in ways that make me think. I often have to save her posts for the weekends, because in addition to her thoughts, she links to other articles and it's this wonderful web of thoughtful, nuanced views, often in ways that highlight multiple sides of an issue.

4. Already Pretty Fashion advice without the heaping doses of guilt, shame, and dismay usually present. Also? It's good advice.

5. Space Fem Engineer, feminist, pilot, sewist, mother. Kim's posts are always a treat-- easily readable, thoughtful, and practical.

Yep, that picture has nothing to do with this post. But it's a cute picture no? The hubby and I on a walk last weekend.

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