Friday, December 07, 2012

Quiet Time Complete

Quiet Time

I finished Quiet Time at approximately 11pm the night before we left for the wedding (end result: 3 hours sleep; moral of the story: don't do that!). So, talk about squeaking by! Still, it was done and I got on the plane with a tote bag full of quilt and a happy heart.

Quiet Time

I ended up being about a 1/2 yard shy of the fabric I needed, so I ruffled around and found some more solid Kona in a neutral color. It's the putty colored strips along the top and bottom of the back. I have no idea what the fabric was intended for so...hopefully nothing important? It looks good here though, so it worked out well. : )

I quilted it in a squared off spiral from the center of the quilt. You can sort of see it in this picture.

I ended up having a bit of an emergency when, while laying the quilt out to show my in-laws (pre-gifting) I discovered that a couple of my seams had popped when I washed it. (Ack!). Thankfully our hotel offered complimentary sewing kits.

Quiet Time

I little bit of handstitching later and everything is (hopefully, cross your fingers!) secure and ready to go.

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