Monday, November 19, 2012

What's On the Menu

Thanksgiving 2011

The hubby and I began planning our Thanksgiving feast when we returned from our trip last night. In case you are also firming up your list, here is our menu:

Roasted Turkey Breast
A whole turkey is much too much for two people, so years ago we scaled back to a turkey breast. Even though we are having guests this year (!) we'll stick with it. No real recipe, this is my husband's domain, but it is always good.

I have had a couple of spectacular gravy fails (turkey breasts are too lean to have drippings. This year I'm going to try a 1tsp:1tsp:1cup ratio of butter to flour to turkey stock. I have no backup if this goes south so feel free to offer any advice in the comments! : )

Cranberry Sauce
We've been making this for a couple of years now. It's easy, it doesn't require the oven, it's absolutely divine, and we can put up any leftovers by canning them.

Stuffing aka Dressing
We're making honey cornbread to use in this tonight and we'll blend that with french bread and let it sit out until Thursday to get dry.

Sweet Potatoes
This right here is how dessert sneaks onto the dinner table.

Brussel Sprouts
Because I seriously love these things. The hubby will probably pass. I'm playing the company card. ; )

Mashed Potatoes
We'll boil these and run them through the food mill in advance. Day of, just pop in a saucepan with some cream and butter. Perfect mashed potatoes.

The hubby has become a whiz with making rolls from a breadmaker dough. He usually makes them and uses them for sandwiches etc for the week. He'll probably make these Tuesday or Wednesday night and we'll gently warm them before serving.

Apple Pie
I haven't picked a recipe yet, but the hubby requested apple, so apple it is. Our guests are also bringing a dessert, so we should be well covered. : )

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