Friday, August 31, 2012

Let Me Tell You Why YOU Are Awesome

A local blogger did a post with this same title yesterday. Go read hers first, then come back here, 'cause I want to add to her list.

You Exercise
I get it, exercise is important. It helps you sleep better, it makes you stronger, it keeps you in good shape so you don't die at a tragically young age and leave your loved ones behind. And yet...I pretty much don't. So those women out there running, hitting up the gym, doing yoga, whatever it is. You rock. I'd like to be you.

You Have Nice Nails
I can only manage not to pick at my nails when they are painted. And I'm too cheap to spend $7 on a bottle of nail polish, so the polish chips and then I would have to do daily touch ups. And, just no. So, ladies with nice nails? I notice your polish and I applaud you.

You Dress Nicely For Work
I have spent the last 5 years incrementally inching my way to a nicer professional wardrobe. The women with a great sense of style, who manage to create outfits not just recycle the same handful of shirts and slacks? You are my idols. I take mental notes so that I can copy what you do. You are an inspiration and give me hope that one day I too might get there.

You are Funny and/or Quick Witted
I have my funny moments. Unfortunately they are almost never in situations that could desperately use a little levity. So if you are the one who breaks the awkward pause with a well timed joke or who uses a witty line to tactfully call out inappropriate behavior? Thank you. I adore and admire you for it.

You Remember Names/Faces
I've been known to confuse two characters in a movie because both actors had the same hair color. I'll loose track of who is who in a book if two characters have names that start with the same letter. And I've done my share of awkward greetings when hailed by someone who obviously knows me...If you manage to actually recognize/remember people you have met only once or twice before? I will be forever impressed.

You Can Dance
I am able to amaze and appall potential dance partners with my severe lack of rhythm. My musical husband has spent the last decade attempting to teach me to find the beat. Let's just say it is not a strength of mine. So those of you that dance, joyfully, unabashedly, gracefully...whether you are bopping along in a car or stealing the spotlight on the dance floor, my hat is off to you.

You Camp/Hike/Get Outdoors on a Regular Basis
I am not afraid of dirt. Some of my fondest childhood and teenage memories were made on campouts. But camping is a lot of work for just two people. And getting outside means dealing with bugs and humidity, and sunblock, and carrying water, and being sweaty. I love nature once I GET there, but the getting there? Usually doesn't happen. So those of you that manage to get to the great outdoors to enjoy it? I applaud.

I'm going to reiterate Kim's point here: the things that you do without thinking, which are effortless to you? The things that you do because you find them worthwhile enough to get you off the couch? Someone out there probably sees and admires. Own that. And let the people you admire know that you respect and admire them. Help put a little more positivity out into the universe.


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Oh yes, the names. I might remember the face, or a random fact about a person. But I will not know the name.

    That takes at least a few times meeting that person.

  2. ohhh, a hint about nice nails from someone who usually can't wear nail polish -- a cuticle trimmer + a polishing board. you get nice shiny pretty nails, without worrying about chipping the polish. because there isn't any!

    I *love* nail polish but between it streaking on my artwork, flaking off easily, or me peeling it off, I can't wear it often anymore... :\

  3. Silvia--Yea, I'll remember the random facts--Oh YOU'RE the one with the two great danes and a passion for strawberry jam!--but not much else. : )

    April--Are cuticle trimmers those little curved scissors? Or something else? My cuticles could use some serious help right now. I'll have to check out these polishing boards... Thanks! : ) Have you tried the shellac manicures? I'm intrigued but gesh they are pricey!


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