Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hand-me-Down Decor

Family Photos
My grandma and my famiy

We've had a bit of sudden news in the dragon household. My grandmother, who was staying at my parent's while recovering from surgery (and two sprained ankles, long story) has decided that the time has come for her to move out of her house.

The plan is for her to move in with my parents. Which, since she is already staying with them, is pretty simple. She will give away her furniture to family members and sell the house. She has already signed the paperwork with a Realtor!

Even though this has been discussed for years, it was never discussed seriously, so it's a bit of a surprise (to me) to hear one day that Grandma was thinking about this and the next that she'd signed papers!

The side effect of this is that, for the price of shipping it out here, the hubby and I are inheriting some furniture! A sofa, a loveseat, a coffee table, and a sewing machine in a cabinet, to be exact. I need to work out the details with my mom, but for now here are some cell-phone pictures she sent me of the furniture in question.

Sofa. This pulls out into a sofa bed with an inflatable mattress. I'd never heard of such a thing before, but it sounds interesting (and lighter to lug around!). It's fairly plain, but I do like the curved arms. Recovering is going to be a must though. Florals are not our thing.

Loveseat. The fabric matches the sofa (recovering we go!), as does the style (yay curved arms!).

Coffee Table. If you look carefully, you can see that there are two "wings" which fold down. Meaning this can be either rectangular or oval. We may refinish this depending on where we decide to put it.

Which brings up the big question. Where are we going to put them? The living room downstairs currently has NO furniture in it, so these could go there. The sofa might make a nice multifunctional guest room. The coffee table might go in the sunroom, depending on how it looks. Who knows?! Once we get it here, we'll be able to get a better feel for it. : )


  1. Anonymous2:21 AM

    Ah, that was the reason for the furniture shipping

  2. Certainly exciting! I would vote living room as it has no furniture. Plus it could always migrate elsewhere when you decide to get additional pieces later on.


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