Monday, December 13, 2010

Twelve Days of Ornaments--Day One

Rob's Ornament 2010

Every year, when I was growing up, my mom would have my brother and I each pick out an ornament. This was a very solemn decision with much angsting--it had to be just right. And each year my mom would dutifully label our ornaments with our names and the year. The promise was always that this way, when we were big and moved away, we would have a box of ornaments to start out tree with.

My second Christmas with Rob, I introduced him to the tradition and we went out to buy ornaments to hang onvthe tree we had bought for his apartment. An ornament each turned into quite a bit more than that and the tree was comfortably, if sparsely, ornamented.

The Christmas before Rob and I got married, my mother sat me down with a box and we sorted through the ornaments--big and small, marked and unlabeled. My mother (as she is wont to do) took the opportunity to clean out her ornament boxes, so in addition to my ornaments I also packed up ornaments made by family members and the old angel tree topper I had grown up with.

This year is the first year that we have a Christmas tree in our forever house--last year we skipped due to travel. Pulling all the ornaments out of their boxes this year made me nostalgic and happy, so for the next 12 days I'm going to take you on a mini tour--of the ornaments on the tree and why they are so precious to me.

Today's ornament is our newest addition--a sweet gingerbread man from Astrausa on Etsy. His worried expression and missing appendages are cute more than morbid and were a quick favorite with the hubby who decided to adopt him.

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