Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Last January we cleaned out the garage and I went on a quest to Lowes to purchase a new battery for the hubby's clicker. Seven months after moving in, we were both finally able to park in the garage!

Naturally, that same week the lights on the garage door opener stopped working. Which meant if you got home after dark (which I do pretty much every day in the winter) you had no light unless you left your headlights on, got yelled at by your car system, unlocked the door, turned on the overhead lights, went back to the car, turned off the headlights, locked the door, and finally made it inside. Now, I didn't have to do that dance, but if I didn't? That meant groping for the doorknob. In the dark. With the spiders.


So everyday I did this dance. Summer's long days have saved me from having to deal with it for the last few months, but as the days have grown shorter I've grown more impatient to get it fixed.

See, the lights had stopped working immediately after the hubby had configured his new clicker. Which involved getting up on the stepstool and poking at things. I was convinced that he had hit a switch or changed a setting which stopped the light from coming on automatically. I had tried to find it, but even with the step stool I am still a good 6 inches shorter than the hubby and I couldn't SEE what all was up there.

After much asking nicely (and a few grumpy moments), the hubby finally got on the step stool to check it out while we were cleaning the garage the other weekend. And discovered that there was no switch at all, the bulbs had simply burned out. *headdesk*

We bought and installed new bulbs this past weekend (CFLs so they should last and last) and now we have LIGHT! At night! In the garage!

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