Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 357/365--Collaged

My daily contribution to my year long "Around the House" photo project. 365 photos. Blogged here.


One of the odd things about doing this project as we are unpacking is how some of my favorite things get neglected. We tend to complete things in spurts and if several things get done in a day, well how do you choose which one for that's day's photo? And if there is always something newer and more exciting, then some of the things I might have gravitated to if doing this project once the house was more established, get overlooked.

One of my favorite things about my craftroom is that it is a riot of color and meaningful stuff. It's not actually busy (well not to me anyway), but it is brimming with inspiration. And while I've shown you my collage wall and the start of the shelves, but I don't think I've shown you how it all looks together, or what I filled that shelf with. So here is the other half of that story--the interaction, the play, the life.

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