Saturday, May 15, 2010

Knock Off Wood

I really adore doing things for myself. The self sufficiency and self confidence you get from knowing how to handle things is unmatched and, for a worrier like me, the peace of mind to know you aren't being snowed by contractors is invaluable. There's only one problem...I never learned how to be handy. They don't teach woodworking or home ec in schools any more and, after a few disastrous home projects, my parent's contribution to construction projects consisted of signing checks and keeping me safely out of the contractor's way.

In other words, while I really want to be some sort of construction super star, I'm lucky I know my way around a power drill. I had pretty much resigned myself to buying premade furniture when I was pointed to Knock off Wood.

Knock-Off Wood

The site started as a way for DIYers to save a buck by showing them how to replicate pieces that were available at large box stores. She has since ventured into mash ups of several designs, writing up plans for reader requested pieces, and even some original ideas.

The most amazing thing though, to me, is seeing all the reader made pieces--especially the ones from total newbies. It gives me the confidence I need to know that I can do that.

First on my list? Planter boxes for our deck. I think I can figure those out for myself, I just needed the shot of confidence. Once I get my feet wet though, I'm eyeing things like the entry storage bench system and the flip top storage bench. You can search the full catalog here to find your own perfect pieces.

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