Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Wheeling

When I was a kid my parents (who had been avid cyclists in their pre-kid days) decided to take up bicycling as a family activity. They bought my brother and I mountain bikes and the four of us would go tooling around the neighborhood. I remember loving the rush of speed and the quiet afternoons pedaling along.

So when I found out there was a green belt just around the corner from our house I knew exactly what we needed to do--buy bikes! Only, we were sort of busy with unpacking last summer. And then fall was cold and winter was wet and we weren't going to ride them anyway. But spring has arrived and, as of Friday, so have our bikes!

It took us two trips to get them home since we could only fit one in the Corolla at a time.


Even with the front tire off.

Loading Up.

Once we got them home, we dug out our helmets, the hubby carefully checked them for buggy stowaways, and we were ready to go!

Me and My Bike

The Hubby and His Bike

Four miles later, my leg muscles were remembering exactly how long it had been since they had had to do this. And I was more than a little saddle sore. But we saw beautiful flowers and trees and the breeze we made was enough to offset the humidity of an incoming storm. Perfect.

For now the bikes are happily stored in the spare room but they will be spending lots of time outdoors this summer. I have visions of bike rides and picnics and quick trips to the grocery store.


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