Friday, February 26, 2010

Flashback Friday # 8

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Sweetheart Table

When the hubby and I announced our engagement it took approximately .05 seconds for my soon to be aunt-in-law to volunteer her services. I had never met her or really thought about the fact that she was a florist. About six months later, we flew out to Arizona where I met her, her daughter, and my hubby's grandmother. We spent the time looking at flowers and photos and deciding what we might want. She sent me home with a gorgeous bouquet as "practice".

For the wedding, she and her daughter drove out from Arizona, hit up the local flower market (a 3 am type adventure) and spent all night creating, arranging, and generally outdoing themselves on floral arrangements. And as much as I adored the centerpieces, the moss letters shaped into our initials, and my bouquet...what really amazed and astounded me was the gorgeous display they created on our sweetheart table. Layered under a panel of glass were letters we had bought as decor, fresh strawberries, glass stones, electric candles, and wire. And it was breathtaking.

One of my favorite wedding memories is sitting on the edge of the riser our table was on, the cleaning crew tearing down around us, talking with a few of our closest friends, eating the strawberries off the table.

And today, those same letters have a place of honor on the shelves of our rec room. A reminder of family, generosity, and friendship.

Love Up Close


  1. WOW! definitely sounds like they went all out! what a unique decoration! definitely one of a kind! awesome! (and its great that you can use the letters to decorate in your home now!)

  2. That is an amazing set up! I think it's even cooler that you have the "Love" for everyone to see. Just beautiful :)

  3. What a cute story.

    And now all I can think about is strawberries! Must get some tomorrow, hee hee.


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