Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aweigh Challenge

Heather, over at Cool Zebras is running an Aweigh Challenge. The idea is simple: each week you decide on a small action to take to try to lose weight. Once a week, you weigh in and there is a drawing for a prize. Here's some photos of me as of yesterday, as a point of reference:

Aweigh Before

Now, I'm not a dieter. And I don't really care what number the scale reads (in fact I had to buy one so I could participate). But I do care about feeling good and being in shape and starting last summer I decided things had to change. I've had a desk job for nearly three years and while, for awhile, a group of us were walking over lunch, that has long since fallen apart. And I'm sick and tired of getting winded going up stairs at any decent clip.

So, in September I took the first step. I cut soda (mostly) out of my diet. Going from a can/glass a day to one a week. And I've stuck to that fairly well. I did have a few more over the holidays, but for the most part unsweetened iced tea and I are becoming quite chummy.

Then, for Christmas, the hubby bought me a Wii! My parents (who were in on this whole thing) bought me a couple of work out games--My Fitness Coach and Your Shape--which I have been diligently using since New Years.

In that time, I've gone from 164.2 lbs (on November 15th) to 159.6 lbs (on January 17).

January 17

My overall goal for this challenge is to keep making progress towards a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. Each Sunday, I'll post the results of my weigh in and discuss my overall philosophy and my goals for the upcoming week. (Yes, official weigh ins are on Friday, but I've been weighing in on Sundays and I have more time to take pictures of the scale when I'm not running out the door for work).

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  1. Hooray for you! Keep up the good work!


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