Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What's Your Handmade Moment?

Etsy is in the process of hosting a contest for 15 and 30 second spots, created by members of the Etsy community, around the theme of "handmade moments". These spots are to be used for advertising and there are some hefty cash prizes involved and some truly amazing entries.

They have currently narrowed it down to the top 24 and you can vote and see the semifinalists on TV Etsy.

As I said, there are some amazing entries but this one, the first of the semi-finalists that I saw, has stolen my heart. I've always had a soft spot for giving things wings. Plus her dry humor is brilliant. : )

My runners up? Both embody the essence of why I, personally, love to buy handmade. The seller to buyer connection and the warm fuzzies all around.

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