Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 87/365--Fabric Nirvanna

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87/365 Fabric Nirvanna

I am a quilter at heart. I had wanted to quilt since I took my first sewing class at 11. My aunt gave me some fabric, specifically meant to be a quilt, when I was 13. And when I was 20, I finally took a quilting class and made a quilt. Or rather a quilt top and back. I made a few quilts over the next few years, nothing prolific, but I enjoyed it. Then we moved to a one bedroom apartment and there was no room to quilt. Then we moved to Alabama and I had a craft room! But by then I was neck deep in my Etsy shops and had no time to quilt.

But now, now I have a craft room, and I have (at least in theory) time. And I am so excited. I've been bitten hard by the quilting bug lately and the volunteer t-shirt I brought home yesterday gave me a kick in the pants regarding some t-shirt/memory quilts I've been wanting to make. So today I bought some interfacing and began organizing my craft room into something usable. This week's mission: to get the craft room functional and jump in!

My favorite part though, is the shelves the previous owner added to the closet. They're nothing fancy but they give my little stash room to breathe and plenty of room for new friends. ; ) I can't wait to start creating.

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