Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Dress

My mentioning that I had found a bridesmaid's dress that I *loved* (and will wear in the future) peaked a fair bit of interest. And I promised pics. Well, sadly, I have only a few pictures and none are all that great. : / But, they give you an idea. : )

The dress was back, just below knee length with a deep v in the front and back and a band of black beading below the bust.I <3 it.

Full length:

This shot shows the back:
Signing the GuestBook

And of course, there was another dress that was of much interest:
Ladies In Waiting

I'm hoping the professional photographer got some shots of her train and her bustle since the back of the gown was beautiful.

The wedding was wonderful. And I was so excited to be there for her. It was fun to be on the flip side, since when I got married she was the one in the black dress. : )

The Girls

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  1. awwwww. . . Hello pretty girl! The dress looks fantastic.


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