Friday, February 29, 2008

Time Warp

After two weeks of insanity, I can safely say I made it out alive. (But barely). Week one was filled with work and punctuated by two nights of 4 hour training classes after work. Last Friday found me asleep at 9pm on the couch. I woke up long enough to move to the bedroom and then blissfully slept until 1pm.

At that point, I was feeling great! I was going to tackle the world (or at least the house)! And then I coughed. And within an hour I had a cough, the chills, and was running a nice fever. That was the point where I got real cozy with my couch. Where I would stay until yesterday. Yup, six days of flu-ey fun. One box of kleenex, two types of medication (apparently, I am allergic to ibuprofen--ask me how I know), more hours of TV than should be legal (I think I've seen ever episode ever of Law and Order now), and several sweet kitty cuddles later, I feel lots better.


(My husband, however, after being a pure sweetheart in caring for me, has now been diagnosed with bronchitis. I don't recommend that flavor of the plague--it comes with complimentary shots in the bum.)

So now that I am probably 80% better (breathing through my nose still eludes me) and no longer contagious, I went back to work today and I hope to poke at a few crafty things this weekend. I have a major to-do list that continued growing while I was sick (really, it's so inconsiderate ; ).

Now, if only I had some energy...

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