Saturday, February 16, 2008


The things I learn from Etsy, oh my. Today's newest lesson was about a website called Qassia.

From their FAQ:

What exactly is Qassia?

Qassia is a site to which you can add your websites. You can also add your knowledge, in the form of tidbits of information called "intel". The more intel you add, the better your sites will rank, the more backlinks you get, and the more money you make.

Qassia is 100 percent free, and does not require reciprocal links. You can get unlimited quality backlinks to your websites from Qassia.

Essentially, for everything you put into the site, you get "Quassia dollars" which boost your links in the ratings. Currently you have to be referred by someone else (clicking on the link above takes you to my page so you can sign up if you like).

I figure, it can't hurt. And when I get some more time, I'm going to try to go back and figure some of it out in a bit more detail. However, currently I am off to get ready for my big date tonight...we are celebrating our two year anniversary! ^_^


  1. I'm also in the school of I figure it can't hurt!

  2. Anonymous3:10 PM

    I posted somewhere earlier that nothing ventured is nothing gained...and an hour or so ago I made a sale from my blog, and they said they found my site because of Qassia. So hang in there, maybe mine was a fluke and it will never happen again, but I look at it this way...if I hadn't joined, I probably wouldn't have made that $55 today!

  3. Cool. Sounds like something to try while I'm bored at work. . . And it might help promote! =)


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