Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Here Come the Holly-Days!

Uh-oh. It may still feel like summer (It was 90F here this weekend. In Alabama, in October. I may not be a local yet, but something tells me this is *not* normal.) but the calendar reads October (um, 9th, if you are counting) and that leaves a mere two months to browse, buy, wrap, and deliver those holidays gifts!

Thankfully, one thing can be easy-peasy-pie--the cards to go on those gifts! The first of my Holly-Day cards are up in my shop! More sayings will come soon, but for now you have a choice of no message at all or one of 5 sayings on fabric tags.

As always, custom orders are accepted and encouraged! : )


  1. It's been very hot here in Virginia, too. So I woke up to a rainy morning, and thought, "Oh, wonderful, finally fall weather, a nice cool rainy day. It's about time!"

    Opened the door to get the paper. Nope, still hot. And steamy, now, too.

  2. Just starting cooling down in NH - and I'm soooo ready the autumn weather - my favorite time of year.

    Love the new cards - holly is classic without being in-your-face holiday :)

  3. Radio Girl--Aw. I hate it when the weather teases you like that!

    Bonny--I will miss the summer. : ( Although at this rate, we will dive straight into winter and I won't get any fall at all!

    And thank you! I was trying to do something that wasn't done to death, so I am glad to know I succeeded. ^_^


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