Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vast Autum Event

Looking for new art in fall colors? Perhaps you want to redecorate in those colors? Or maybe you are one of those insanely on top of things people who actually change their decor to match the seasons? Or, lets say you are looking for "fallish" items to take as a hostess gift to the family member who is opening up their house for the insanity of a family Thanksgiving this year.

Whatever your reason, there is a quick and easy way to find all kinds of beautiful autumn themed art in a variety of media at a variety of prices. Simply pop over to Etsy and type in "VASTautumevent" into the search field (or just click here) and select "titles and tags". Boom! A cacophony of choices!

Autumn Triptych by dmriceart

Today is the official kick off of the event, but team members will be adding new items until the end of fall (probably around the end of November, I imagine), so check back often!

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