Monday, September 03, 2007

Spotlight on LunaGraphica

Regular readers know of my addiction attraction to color--like a moth to a flame. And I've mentioned before my love for thick, dark lines. So it's really no surprise that LunaGraphica's work keeps drawing me back. This is a shop that I seem to always come back to in random ways, whenever I am searching for something and one of her works comes up, I just have to click. Eventually, I put two and two together and just hearted the shop!

However, my attraction to LunaGraphica's work is more than a superficial infatuation with color. What makes her work truly special are the stories each piece tells. The majority of her pieces incorporate text that feels as intimate as journal entries. There is a certain soothing, re-affirming quality to positive journaling that is captured in just line or two on many of these pieces. And the text is a truly integral part of the work, fitting against the linework, filing in small nooks and crannies. The overall effect is a compact and powerful statement. You simply cannot take everything in with one glance, but must spend time with each piece--just like when meeting a new person.

The first image shows an ACEO, "Brought to you by the Letter B". This piece demonstrates LunaGraphica's use of color, line, language--and the way she manages to squeeze the most out of a very compact space. (For those who many not have seen ACEOs before, they are only 2.5" by 3.5"). This sort of exploding potential is characteristic of LunaGraphica's work. Even more open pieces share the same of vibrancy and power.

Gradations of color are used to create focal points and give your eyes some "breathing room", which prevents the small piece from feeling overcrowded. Those same gradations also combine with the linework to keep your eyes moving, noticing new details each time. For me, these pieces connect on a deeper level of self, speaking to who I want to be not just who I currently am.

The second image shows a linoblock--a very different medium than the tight, controlled world of ink drawings. However, many of the same characteristics shine through--thick black lines, bright colors, a full space that does not feel crowded. Without the text, this image is a bit more flexible in it's interpretation, but it is still a powerful image--one full of self-confidence and hope. Technically, the warm and cool colors serve as balancing forces, helping to draw you in and keep your eye swirling around. Despite that movement, it is a peaceful piece, and I find that my eyes slow and finally come to rest on the eye of the subject in a meeting of selves.

With her bright colors, bold line work, and messages that ring true on a personal level LunaGraphica's work is a perfect little pick me up. Perhaps you need a dash of color for your office or studio space? Or you want something to help inspire a friend? Or even to thank someone who inspired you? Go and look around, you are sure to find something that will delight.


  1. what an informative blog! Loved the article.

  2. Loved your blog entry! Your promotion of LunaGraphica was excellent and well done- your words complimented her work and showed the admiration you have for her style of work. Nicely done :)

  3. I just found this article, and it's wonderful. Thanks so much for writing such a thoughtful piece. I really appreciate it.


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