Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fab Collab

Every so often am I lightening struck with inspiration and I simply must open my big mouth and start trouble something grand!

Well, back in August (well July 29, but whose counting?), I had this grand vision. What if I got a group of Etsy Greetings members together and we swapped cards--but not for our own personal use,instead, to sell. So that each seller would have packs of cards that featured one of their own and two from other artists. As a buyer, I found the idea fascinating--three totally different and AWESOME cards and only ONE shipping price! Hooray! As a seller, I found the idea appealing--I could offer something that had the potential to draw customers outside my usual crowd. As a street team member, I found the idea downright smart advertising--what a way to spread the word about all of our marvelous members!

It's an especially neat idea because cards are often something you must see to really appreciate--photos simply don't do them justice. However, if you trust the seller you are buying from, and you buy the card pack, you get to experience cards from two other card makers and potentially shop from them in the future. It's a great way to "test drive" new card makers.

Well, fast forward to this week and the first packs are going up, up, and up! You can check out this link to see the packs that are available or you can watch this thread in the forums.

I am so excited! Look, here is one of my cards hanging out in good company in CarlinCards's shop!

Ooh, and here's another, spotted in AnnKimmich's shop!

*Sniff* Such a proud mama to see my "babies" out in the wide, wide world!

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