Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Update!

My trip was wonderful! It's so nice to see all those family members you haven't seen in 10 years (and their kids! Whodathunk that people I remember as just kids would have kids of their own now.). I also got to hang out with my parents and my baby brother (who are already itching to know our holiday plans, ack!). Pictures to come once I get them uploaded!

I have a wonderful, expansive, (and only half written) post on taking photos that is set to go up whenever I scrape together the time to finish it.

I also found out that I will probably need to put in some overtime in the next couple of weeks at work, which will most likely put a dent in getting new things up in my etsy shop. Mostly because those new things are half made. Oops!

Oh, and I have a craft show on the 20th of September. So I have to get things made up for that!

So, one foot in the front of the other! I will be trying to get some things done after work and on my lunch breaks and manage to keep my head above water. : )

I hope everyone else out there in blog land is doing well! *waves*

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