Monday, July 09, 2007

This week is very special--it's the first time that anyone from CA will be out here to visit--AND we get two such visits. As luck would have it both my dad and my husband's father have buisness trips to Birmingham this week! So my father-in-law will swing up tomorrow to hang out with my hubby. He will probably only stay for part of the day (and he's currently stuck in Chicago's airport due to the weather!), so I will see him at lunch, but mostly he and my hubby will check out the local Space Museum and drive around town. ^_^

Then, on Saturday morning my daddy will be driving up to spend the weekend with us. He'll stay Saturday and Sunday and long enough on Monday to come do lunch with me and meet my co-workers.

I'm so excited! They will both get to meet the kittens and hang out around town and see the house and...and...yay!

I really love where we live. I love the big green trees, the beautiful blue skies, and the summer thunderstorms. I can't wait to share that with the dads.

Tree in Two

Looking forward to all the touring around we will be doing this week, I posted Veric back in the shop today. With his little walking stick, he's ready to tackle Huntsville. And maybe some fried chicken. ; )

(PS. My title option was working and then it stopped again. Arrrrgh!)


  1. Hello! Im not too far from where you live...Im in Florence, Al. Its nice to know of a fellow Etsian who also lives in Alabama!

  2. *waves hi* : )

    I'm afraid I'm such a recent transplant that I had to look up where that was on google! But you're right, it is pretty close!


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