Sunday, July 01, 2007

Spotlight on sockdogs/sockcats

You may be aware that I like cats. (Given all the cute kitten pictures of late, I can't *imagine* how anyone would get that impression ; ) This stems from an undying love for cute, cuddly, soft things. When I was a child I had TONS of stuffed animals. Seriously, way to many. I still have a TV box full of just the ones I still can't bear to part with because they hold too many memories.

Which is why when I come across super cute plushies (as they are now called), I can't help but smile. And when I get to that age where everyone I know has children, I'm sure I shall be happily bestowing plushies for a multitude of birthdays and holidays.

And no one has cuter plushies than Stacey. Stacey runs two etsy shops: sockdogs and sockcats, and, as you might guess, each one focuses on sock animals--one for cats, one for dogs. Each one is lovingly crafted into a one of a kind friend. All animals come with their own collar, license, name, and story. (And since Stacey is a children's write and illustrator the stories are well thought out, innovative, and quirky--just like real pets' personalities.)

However, shopping with Stacey isn't just about the pure cute--it's also about the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know that you are making a difference. The shops' profiles explain:

"a portion of every single adoption fee directly benefits the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, as well as other no-kill shelters across the country. These one-of-a-kind, handmade designer plush are helping to raise both awareness of and funds for many deserving shelter animals."

One of my personal favorites is Chanticleer, the poker playing pup. His bright fur and baleful eyes beg to be hugged. He would make an excellent addition to a dog lover's collection or be just the thing to brighten up some drab shelf space (perhaps next to some poker chips?).

And if you are a household with split loyalties, perhaps right next to Chanticleer should be Mocha, a sweet little tabby with a taste for chocolate. Her rich brown strips would make excellent camouflage for hiding your chocolate stash from prying eyes!

One thing to be aware of if you are considering adopting one of these cute critters--these are not intended for children under 7 or for pets. These are meant to be gently loved and displayed as the works of art that they are. However, if you have some extra room in your heart and your home, these little animals would make an excellent addition.

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