Sunday, July 29, 2007

Spotlight on Copperheart

My love of color and all things tiny has been mentioned on here many times before. However, what is worth noting is that it is rare to find both qualities in a single piece of jewelry. Artists who tend to adore bright, bold colors also seem to like a chunky, heavy feel to their work. Artists who appreciate delicacy often work in metals in a single color--preferring to focus on form instead of color. Which is why seeing Copperheart's avatar in the forums made my mouth literally drop open.

Needless to say, I clicked. And although I eventually managed to pull my jaw up off my desk, I was no less impressed by the rest of the pieces in her shop. Alison's work centers on hand painted enameled cabochons and etched copper pieces. A common thread through all of her work is a stunning use of line, form, and color. With a few exceptions, most of the pieces are abstract enough to be open for interpretation but representative enough to be highly suggestive.

The first image shows the ring in Alison's avatar that so quickly grabbed my attention. Entitled "Wing Ring", it is clear how the artist interprets the black and white shape. However, my mind sees a rugged mountain, urban civilization and/or decay, and even the rocky outcropping (Pride Rock) which features so prominently in the Disney movie The Lion King. The vivid color and bumpy texture of the background contrast nicely with the smooth, high contrast drawing. And at only 5/8" this ring is daintily sized enough for even anti-big jewelry people like me to be tempted by.

The second image showcases one of Alison's etched copper pieces. The pendant itself is strikingly simple. Beautiful linework recalls planets, amoebas, and even cartoon depictions of cheese. The most fascinating quality of the pendant is the way that the line work gives the impression of "cycling". By which I mean it reminds me of those videos wherein you start on focused in on something very small and zoom out and out and out only to eventually find yourself back at the very small thing you started with--essentially an infinite loop. The way the spherical shapes are arranged feels to me like a frozen frame from one of those videos.The necklace for the pendant has been beaded from Czech glass in a rhythmic pattern that further recalls the looping nature of those videos.

I am excited to have found an Etsy artisan who offers jewelry both colorful and dainty. Copperheart is a must see store when you looking for small pendants, earrings, or rings that still have a colorful and artistic flair. Their small size makes them perfect not only for the lovers of tiny things (like myself) but also for younger girls who might be overwhelmed by larger pendants.


  1. aww, shucks, you make me blush! Thanks for the excellent review! I love what you're doing with your blog.

  2. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Keep blogging Mrs. Dragon! I'm loving reading and learning about such cool stuff!


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