Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spotlight on VaseCandle

I love the idea of candles--soft, flickering light, maybe a subtle scent in the air...But in real life, where I unfortunately spend most of my time, candles never seem to happen. Cats find them wonderful chew toys (like everything else they can sink their teeth into) and I always think of them *after* the fact. Which is why candle holders must be more than just functional--they must be beautiful works of art in their own right. That way, when they sit on a shelf, dresser, or side table unlit and untouched, no one can claim they are unloved or unappreciated.

Which is exactly why I adore VaseCandle. Not only do they offer handmade scented candles, but their candle holders are magnificent dancing colorful works of art. Available in just about any color you could dream up and then some, their holders come in two flavors, stand-alone vases and vase/dish combos.

The first style is shown below. Flowing beautifully upward, this candle holder seems to encompass the very nature of fire itself. And it's economical enough to make a wonderful gift--for a hostess, a co-worker, or yourself! This picture also demonstrates the wonderful glowing quality of these vases--the light from the candle gives life to the glasswork and, I would imagine, casts some beautiful colors in a darkened room.

This second piece is probably my favorite in the entire shop (of course, I am a sucker for a beautiful green). You can see that a vase, similar to the one shown above, holds the candle. Then that piece fits inside a bottom dish. The combined effect of the two layers of glass is a sense of movement that is enhanced by the light off the candle--almost like a graceful dance.

I am absolutely enamored with the color and movement of the pieces in VaseCandle. The organic shapes and vivid glass interact beautifully with the light from the candles. This year, when asked to buy gifts for those relative strangers--friends of friends, white elephant exchanges, etc.--VaseCandle will be my first stop.

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  1. I agree, those are fascinating vases. The first one looks like the glass itself is made of candle wax. Quite alluring!


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