Saturday, April 14, 2007

What's in a Name?

When we moved I was prepared for different stores, new chains and experiences. I had been forewarned that my beloved Carl's Jr. was known as Hardees; that my Ralphs would become Kroger. I (for whatever strange reason) was not prepared for this treachery in the grocery stores. Dreyers now Edy's? Blasphemy! Orewheat is Arnolds? Best Foods known by a different name? The conniving lot of them!

It's thoroughly disconcerting to see a familiar label and recognize the logos and branding, but find different words in place. The discovery of Edy's in place of Dreyers left me open mouthed in the freezer aisle. (But didn't stop me from buying some chocolate thin mint ice cream...)


It's funny what makes things hit home. A 2000+ mile car trip? Nope. The wrong name in the grocery aisle? Things start sinking in.

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