Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spotlight on margotbianca


Having been married for just one year, I often find myself staring at something absolutely gorgeous on etsy thinking "If only I had known about this when we were making up our wedding registry!". No shop inspires that feeling more than margotbianca. When my husband and I were selecting items for our registry, I was sorely disappointed by the selection of linens that I found--table cloths were available in the same handful of colors everywhere and the patterns were never more interesting than a subtle basket-weave in the fabric. Napkins, for the most part, were available only in "coordinating" colors. I considered it a triumph to find some lime green napkins to liven up our navy tablecloth.

If I had known about margotbianca two years ago, my linen forecast would have been decidedly optimistic. In her shop, Margot batiks cloth--napkins, table cloths, tea towels, and even bedding, bandannas, and clothing. The colors she achieves are rich and deep, the patterns organic and graceful. The rainbow opens up before you with no commercial retailer to decide that tangerine orange or butter yellow simply isn't an option.

The images below show two of the items in margotbianca. The first is a creamy green napkin with a thistle pattern imprinted on all four corners. (This shot shows the napkin folding, highlighting a single repeat of the pattern.) You can get a feel for the light weight of the napkin--perfect for encouraging people to actually use it. (Am I the only one who finds very thick, heavy napkins cumbersome to use?) The repeated pattern not only ensures that you never need to worry about how to fold it, but also makes the design centered enough that you could place the open napkin under a vase or centerpiece.

The second image shows one of margotbianca's tablecloths. The main section of this chocolaty brown table cloth is batiked in a vine pattern, with a beautiful "leaf and dot" border. In the listing, Margot states that you can even replace the contrasting off-white with another light color if you prefer. This tablecloth seems like an ideal "everyday" tablecloth. The light weight means it doesn't feel "too fancy" to use, but the sheer beauty of it will light up any room. I predict the future owner of this piece will find their money very well spent indeed as this isn't a tablecloth that you keep folded up all year long, pulling out on one or two "special occasions". This is a tablecloth that witnesses life flowing by and lends a bit of beauty to it.

Batik Thistle Napkins
Hemp Cotton Batiked Table Cloth

Did I mention that she offers gift certificates? Just the thing for someone setting up home--whether it be a college kid who just got their first apartment or a pair of newlyweds settling down.

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