Friday, March 09, 2007

How Old Would You Be? and Shop Goals

Apologizes for missing yesterday's entry! I got caught up doing a bunch of job-hunt stuff (I had an interview for a very cool and very promising position! I've got my fingers crossed. : ) and before I knew it it was late and I was tired.

Today I posted a new card. I love the purple flower on this card. Very yummy--a nice deep textured color. And I love how the texture of the leaves matches the petals, but the color is so much brighter. Hooray for contrast!

I also took a bunch of pictures today. Several new sets going up in the shop tomorrow, including one that I am especially excited about. But more on that tomorrow.

How Old Would You Be--Note Card

I am very excited about how well my little shop is doing. Although I joined in June 06, I began selling almost a month later. at the end of July. In the nearly 8 months since then I have made 39 sales (which doesn't count the craft fair I did in Dec) and a whopping 219 people have marked my shop as a favorite (or in etsy lingo "hearted" it)! I have learned a TON about selling, both online and offline.

So looking back on that, I would like to set some goals to reach before my one year Etsy-versary.

*Sell 75 items (this might be a bit of a stretch, but what good are goals if you don't have to work to reach them?)

*Reach 300 hearts

*Replace the photos of all my items with new, clear, in focus, beautiful shining images (hopefully this will be done well before my etsy-versary, but given the potential for a big move in the near future, I'm trying to be reasonable. And getting new stuff up in the shop and maintaining the blog take priority.)

*Check all descriptions for consistency, metric measurements, previously unnoticed typographical errors, and proper tags. (I have changed the way I write my descriptions since July but haven't always gone back to change the old ones.)

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