Monday, January 08, 2007


The past week has made my head spin! My hubby and I safely returned from our journey up north. We were able to spend time with almost everyone that we had wanted to, which was nice. Upon our return, my mother and I embarked on a whirlwind shopping trip that we dubbed our version of groundhog day. We were in every Macy's within a 40 mile radius looking for a cashmere sweater with a specific neckline. And of course it had to be 100% cashmere because I am allergic to angora--one the most hypoallergenic materials ever. Oddly enough, I am not allergic to dogs or cats--just rabbits. After three days of searching we finally managed to find what I needed. Hooray!

I also picked up several other things I will need for my interview (such as a real winter coat and a watch). Of course, that little marathon meant that I would pretty much drive home and crash so my poor little etsy shop has been terribly neglected. (For which I wholeheartedly apologize!) I did manage to get this pretty little card posted the other day.

Blossoming Thank You Card

I am going to try (*crosses fingers*) to post another card or two before departing on the 10th for my interview. I actually have a HUGE stack of cards that are ready to go, I just need to photograph them and list them. I also have several large flower cards and some of my note cards about half done. Not to mention the box full of teeny tiny cards that need to get up there. I get back on the 12th and things should calm down (at least for a little bit) after that, so hopefully I will have some time to properly shoot pictures and get these little cards listed!

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