Friday, October 06, 2006

Spotlight on mack

Mack describes itself as "all about food and feistiness ... [and] brain cancer research too." 15% of all sales from mack go to a charity called "Joggin' for the Noggin, a non-profit organization that raises funds for brain cancer charities."

In addition to the philanthropic appeal, mack's items are simply delicious. The shop is split between small food items made of polymer clay (eggs, bacon, toast with peanut butter, tasty cakes, cheese and more) and slightly more traditional charms. The charms are made into a variety of items from cell phone charms to necklaces to earrings to rings to stitch markers.

Shown below are two of mack's items (click on the images to be taken to the listings). The photo on the top shows a set of Tasty Cake Stitch Markers--a perfect gift for a knitter or crocheter with a sweet tooth. I love the little details that make each cake instantly recognizable, the white swirling frosting on the cupcake, the creamy interior on the cake halves. Each of her food items is made with the same love and care. On her peanut butter toast items, the peanut butter looks good enough to eat!

The photo on the bottom shows a set of cocktail earrings, perfect for a night-out and about or as conversation starters ("Is that a tequila sunrise?" "Yea, it's my favorite drink" ... ). These are re-purposed charms but the clean colors and food-theme of the shop carry through.

Mack's descriptions are also fun to read. Going beyond simply giving the facts, each description reads like you are talking with a friend about their latest creations--a friend with a great sense of humor.
Tasty Cakes Stitch Markers by mack
Citrus Burst Cocktail Earrings by mack

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