Sunday, October 22, 2006

Spotlight on BirdNerd

Disclaimer: I'm a sucker for both collages and printmaking. It should be no shock then that BirdNerd's work knocked me neatly out of my seat with her gorgeous combination of the two. As you might guess from the shop name, BirdNerd does birds. Beautiful, lifelike, studied birds. These are birds you could give a birdwatcher. Not simplified cute birds that are classified by color, but works that are detailed enough to identify the species.

Two of her works are shown below. The one on the left combines collage, linocut prints, and painting to depict a larkspur who looks out at the viewer knowingly. The combination of painted and collaged leaves lends a wonderful mix of color and texture to the background and the detail on the bird is, as always, stunning.

The image on the right shows a white-breasted nuthatch looking about ready to take off from the branch is it perched on. The double background of painted branches in the far back and collage branches in the near back give the piece extra dimension and movement. You can almost feel the wind blowing softly in the background.

The sides of both these pieces are painted and the backs covered in wallpaper making either a ready to go gift, no framing necessary.

Aside from the accuracy of the birds, BirdNerd displays sheer artistic talent, evident in every piece in the shop. Bird lovers and art lovers alike can rejoice in these amazing pieces which add a little bit of beauty and magic to wherever they roost.

Curious Larkspur CollageYeah Yeah Yeah Collage

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