Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spotlight on thehyperbunny

Thehyperbunny has invented awesome incarnate with her "Tummies" line. She describes them as "hand knitted one of a kind creatures that have a special place to hold your stuff in their tummies!" I describe them as that perfect little something for the people in your life. Tummies come in one of three sizes (Teeny-tiny Tummies, Tiny Tummies, and Tummies). The Teeny-tiny Tummies are just big enough to hold small items like keys, change, and chap-stick. Tiny Tummies are slightly larger and are sized to fit ipods and cell phones. The largest size, the Tummies have a great degree of variability in their size (generally indicated by price) but look to hold items on the scale of soda cans or wallets.

In addition to being absolutely adorable, they are hugely practical. Want to give kids some holiday candy? Buy a teeny-tiny tummy to put some (wrapped) candy in. Once the candy is gone the kids will have a special friend and storage place. The larger ones are roomy enough to serve duty catching wayward receipts or acting as a home for those keys you are always losing. The small ones would be put to great use protecting your cell phone or camera from wayward objects in your purse or bag. As an extra bonus, the open mouth makes it easy to retrieve your phone when you get a call or grab your camera when you want to snap a shot, without fussing with zippers or buttons. (Click on the images below to vist her shop.)

Minny the Tummy from thehyperbunny Patty the Tummy from thehyperbunny

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