Friday, September 29, 2006

Spotlight on SecretSuitcase

Note: I will be out of town this weekend, so instead of my usual store updates, I leave you with a spotlight on some of favorite etsy sellers. One for each day I will be gone. : )

Most of etsy's sellers are 18 or older, everyone from college students to grandmothers. However, a few enterprising kids and teenagers have also set up shop. SecretSuitcase is a 15 year old with talent and artistic insight well beyond her years. Her shop features things so sweet they would make you teeth hurt--if they didn't absolutely charm you. Many, many sellers do the "adorable" thing. However, few do it with as much integrity as SecretSuitcase. She doesn't try to be charming, she simply is.

The images below show some of her work. (Click on them to vist her shop.)The coin purse on the left is what first caught my eye. (It is, unfortunately, all ready sold.) A small purse (3.5"x4"), sized for lose change, credit cards or cash and, in a way that bizarrely makes total sense, designed to look like a Polaroid of an owl. In a sea of plain patterned bags, the whimsy and sense of fun that this purse has is refreshing.

The cassette tape on the right is a small plush friend with the option of being placed on a pin back. It carries the same spirit as the Polaroid change purse, and indeed as every item in SecretSuitcases's shop. It's a revitalized awareness of the world, where everyday objects aren't just things, they are characters in a story we get to write. And they are just plain fun. ^_^

Polaroid Coin Purse by SecretSuitcase Cute Cassette - Love songs by SecretSuitcase

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