Thursday, December 06, 2012

Butterfly Dreams Complete

Butterfly Dreams

Last time we checked in Butterfly Dreams was still on the design wall, just my pretty kaleidoscope blocks.

Well, since then it has become a completed, finished, gifted quilt! Big thanks are due to my guildmate Deb. Not only is she a super talented crocheter and quilter, she also came to my rescue when my machine started acting up! Thanks to her generosity, this quilt was quilted and bound on a Juki. I told her she's going to spoil me and then she'll be stuck me with always wanting to come over and steal her machines. ; )

The quilt itself is deliciously crinkly and super cuddly which makes it just about perfect to be well loved.

Butterfly Dreams

I like how the quilting "spiced up" the back of the quilt, adding some texture and movement. I also finally got to do a stripey binding!

Butterfly Dreams

This idea seems to be all over the quilty blogosphere, and I've always adored it.

I am ridiculously pleased with how nicely this came out. I almost always feel like there is *something* that I would change if I were to do a quilt over, but other than a minor mis-step squaring up the completed top...this one went together dreamily. (Well, minus the misbehaving machine.)


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Gorgeous! I love how the blue background makes the blocks pop


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